What may have been if not for these rules?

A girl of 14, a brunette of such beauty that the sunset, the rain, and the flowing streams pale in comparison.
What may have been in a world without these rules?
What would she have meant to me then?
Would we have loved each other with a passion envied by the gods?
Would our souls have touched as only those of kindred spirits can?

A girl of 13, hair of golden blonde, outshining the sunlight itself, wrapped behind her head in a ponytail that demands attention. Short in stature, a body and a face that are works of natural art for which the mountains and the plains pale before.
Is she a goddess on Earth?
Can anything so shining with beauty and grace and an energy for life that few who are much older can match possibly be born of the mortal race?
What may have been in a world without these rules?
What may have been in a world where I could tell her how much she radiates such beauty and is such an incredible gift to we of the mortal race who adore beauty of this kind?

A girl of 13, taller in stature than the other, hair also of golden blonde, with a radiance that outshines the brightest supernova in the galaxy. A body gifted with a form that the Seven Wonders of the World pale before and are humbled by. Eyes to outshine the moonbeams.
She is not merely beautiful. She is beauty incarnate. Her soul within likely matches the form without, and I long to be able to touch that soul. To bond with it and become one with it. To know the gentleness of her touch and the shimmery radiance of the energy she exudes with every breath, with every movement.
What would have been in a world without these rules?
What would she have been to me had I been allowed to touch her soul with all that my own soul had to give?
What if I had the chance to find out if our souls were meant to shine together, as much as mine would pale before her own in the sparkling sky?

Alas, I shall never know. Alas, the Norns have worked against me. They have placed me in a time and place where the radiance that outshines all the stars in the sky must blaze forth without my touch, without my tender caress, without my soul touching theirs.
Why have the Norns been so cruel?
But I wonder, alas, does my own soul shine and sparkle any less bright for being denied the right to touch the superior radiance of these goddesses among our mortal race? It shines a little less brightly...for me.

What would I be to such three shining stars in a world where my own light was allowed to shine alongside theirs?
What would I have been to three such amazing girls, one a brunette of overwhelming loveliness, the other two golden blonde with the pure essence of the Golden Apples of Idunn. For in those fruits of the gods are the embodiment of youth, and these three goddesses amongst the mortal race personify the essence of this fruit. They would be the nectar of the gods, if all the gods were like me.
They inhabit my world, I can see them and long to touch their soul with my own, to share my gentle caress with their lovely forms and to receive theirs in return...
...yet, they are also part of a different world, one as close to me as the monitor before me, yet as far away as the most distant star. The realm of the gods isn't nearly so close, yet at the same time isn't nearly so distant. All because...of the rules that exist today.

But despair never comes to me, because in a world that breeds such radiance as that emitted by these three goddesses among our mortal race...can only be a world that also breeds hope.
Hope as eternal as the youth of Idunn and those who are the seeds of her Golden Apples.
These three girls, one of 14 and brunette, and two of 13 and golden blonde, are these seeds.
I am among those seeds, in spirit forever. All who are like me carry the essence of these seeds of the Golden Apples.

Hence, despite the rules, despite being denied the tender caress of such beautiful goddesses among mortals...my soul is still a part of their world, and that...that, the rules cannot take away or deny me.
With this hope, as everlasting as the youth within my soul and that which these goddessess among the mortal race so majestically personify...
...with this hope will a new order one day inherit the Earth.

And who shall inherit the Earth?

These three girls...and all of their ilk...shall inherit the Earth. And so shall those of the mortal race who love them the most.