Essays On NewgonWiki

Below are links to my various essays on NewgonWiki. I will periodically add new links here whenever I post a new essay on Newgon's wiki.

The Importance of Truth
A lengthy discussion on many common arguments and cultural tropes used to attack the validity of youth competence, adult attraction to minors, and the validity of intergenerational attraction that have been either fully debunked or greatly challenged by competent scientific research, leading to a polemic on why it's so important for society to accept the truth of any given matter rather than embracing beliefs that do not correlate with objective scientific reality. Has a heavy degree of footnotes and citations.

The Roman Polanski Circus
Discussion of the legal situation of famous hebephile foreign director Roman Polanski after his illegal sexual liaison in America during the 1970s with then-13-year-old aspiring model Samantha Geimer, and a detailed analysis of the entire decades long legal fiasco that erupted because of it, including an analysis of the validity of Geimer's original grand jury testimony, how the media handled his situation, why society has reacted the way it has to the liaison, and Geimer's insistance that Polanski's arrest in the late '00s and the American system's continued pursuance of it be reversed.

Peru Lowers Its Age of Consent--My Analysis
My dissemination of an online article from the late 00s reporting on Peru's surprisingly controversial and progressive decision to go against powerful Western sentiment and pressure by actually lowering its age of consent from 17 to 14 on youth rights grounds.

The Trauma Myth--My Analysis of the Susan Clancy Interview
My lengthy discussion and analysis of Susan Clancy's interview on about her groundbreaking 2009 book The Trauma Myth, including what points she is to be commended on, and which she deserves harsh critique.