A girl of 12 with hair of glimmering auburn, a figure 2di4, the envy of all 30-something-year-old models, a gift to the world by the gods. The beauty of Freya, tinted with the youth of Idunn, are each her birthright, enabling her to overshadow the greatest works of humanity.

This beauty of the ages is forbidden for one of my age to admire, the latter considered the most abominable of taboos in a society wrought with contradictions. The beauty of her form treated as a moral eyesore for all of my age who would dare admire it in a world that casts its youth into a zone where no trespassers over 18 are permitted.

We share a world, but we live on separate worlds. This dichotomy is treated as the natural order of things by a society that denies the admiration and respect of its youth by the acolytes of the Crone who presently control it. Those like myself who have received the blessing of Idunn are forced to live in the palace of the Crone. They are conscripted into her army of acolytes, forced to serve her will or be consigned to the frozen wasteland of Niflheim for an eternity of suffering for transgressing her absolutist laws.

This girl of 12, clearly aware of the beauty that is hers by divine decree; by an act of nature that overshadows all the other accomplishments of Jord the Earth Mother. She looks nothing less than divine in the strapless dress she proudly wears in front of a camera, her beauty at this point in her life recorded so it may never be forgotten. Her proud smile worn in the resulting pic is well deserved, and is well complimented by her flowing auburn hair and green eyes that reflect the glow of heaven.

I am forbidden all contact with her and the entirety of her world, though her world is my natural home. I am an alien trapped on a world in which I do not belong, a refugee from justice, with my rightful world right outside my window yet ever outside my grasp. I am unwelcome where I truly belong, says a society that does not respect those who have been blessed by Idunn with the ability to respect and admire her most glowing of creations.

So I admire this girl's recording of beauty incarnate, yearning for justice, yearning to go home where I belong, and realizing that my true home is as visible yet simultaneously ephemeral to me as the realm of the gods themselves. Though Asgard truly shines, a gem of shimmering gold within the multiverse, so too does the realm of Idunn's children shine just as brightly, its glow permeating my world, but which I can never go home to due to the barriers created by the acolytes of the Crone. May the fury of Hela condemn them for perceiving the blessing given to me by Idunn as an abomination to be loathed rather than cherished.

Great Forseti, may justice prevail in the end. May the children of Idunn be freed from the grip of the Crone, so that the Maiden may once again be restored to a place of honor in the world, and those blessed by Idunn allowed to go home again.

The fabled Golden Apples need not be confined to the gods alone.